Spruce Shafts 11/32

Spruce Wood Shafts 11/32Spruce Wood Shafts 11/32
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Spruce wood shafts 11/32 are great for making arrows, being low weight it makes for a first choice with many archers and is very popular in Europe. Well known for their high strength to weight ratio, the combination makes for higher arrow speed especially on longer distances compared to the heavier *cedar and pine shafts. (*10% heavier in some cases).

  • 11/32” diameter.
  • 35/40 – 70+
  • Within 30 grains.
  • Sold by the dozen.

*Official word direct from the suppliers: Spruce wood shafts in Spine 40-45 & 45-50lbs remain low of stock at source, the problem is with any natural material, it is what it is, the wood is giving out all the stiff shafts and not many of the lower end, this is due to a range of environmental factors in the growing of the trees and the processing. We have these on a constant restock in an effort to keep up with demand.

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Weight 0.501 kg
Spine selection 11/32

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3 thoughts on “Spruce Shafts 11/32

  1. These are great shafts. Shire match them really well, which really helps when you are trying to get a close group (normally I have to buy dozens!) Spruce is a fantastic arrow material, which explains the limited resource availability – it is lighter than PoC, tougher – I used to break those every time I set out. Oh, and its cheaper! Hush, don’t tell anybody else though or there won’t be enough for me to buy.

    Heartily recommended.

  2. Brought 2 dozen of these at 50-55 spine, all within 11 grain difference, lovely and straight, highly recommended

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