Fire Basket

Fire Basket modern reproductionFire Basket modern reproduction


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The Fire Basket is made of blackened steel, the curved metal bars connect at the tip forming a point, the resulting cage that can be filled or wrapped with any combination of pitch, resin, coals, doused rags or straw. The hollow cone at the shaft end is internally tapered and can be made to fit in the same manner as a pile.

A nice period looking piece a Fire Basket is ideal for Living History, Pagan Events, Pageants and Bonfire Night shooting etc. Always seek the advice of your club and the relevant authority’s prior to use.

  • Sold individually.
  • Approximately 12 cm long.
  • Approximately 2 cm wide cage.
  • 8.2 mm inside Diameter will nicely fit an 11/32 shaft.

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