‘Tudor’ Big Bodkin

'Tudor' - Big Bodkin.'Tudor' - Big Bodkin.


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‘Tudor’ Big  Bodkin is a four faced blackened steel point based on a later armour piercing type not dissimilar from early period finds of arrow and crossbow bolts heads.

Part hand made thus every one is unique, these have a wide tapering socket with an approximated 10 +/- mm inside diameter and 13mm outside = As you would expect the shaft you attach them to may need a bit of work to get a good fit. These modern reproductions of Tudor type Bodkins are intended as look alike examples of the originals, great to shoot, excellent for display, re-enactment and as teaching aids.

  • Sold individually.
  • Approx. 4.5 cm in total length.
  • Average weight in grains 265 – 335.
  • Taper fitting 10 mm +/- diameter.

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