Full Length Natural Fletching

Natural fletching full lengthNatural fletching full length


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The Uber Trad option – natural feathers are considered the most beautiful in Trad circles. Full length natural fletching, individually beautiful with a natural colour pattern, each feather is one of a kind and therefore unique in their appearance. Made from the best quality real turkey feathers these feathers have water repellent properties as nature intended. Being a pure natural product they will vary in length and base strength. Sold individually so you can select as many as you need for your project.

In traditional archery natural feathers are the only way to go, there is no better choice for your traditional arrows. They are used by serious archers around the world for building their own arrows. Feather fletchings are natures high-tech development offering an unbeatable combination of extreme light weight, high strength, fold down forgiveness and aerodynamic “grip” that no man made material comes close to matching.

  • Natural Fletching Feathers.
  • 8″ – 10″+ for your own shaping.

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  1. Hi I was enquiring about when you would have more peacock feathers in stock (only 2 in stock) I need at least 3 to make a start but I have 24 arrows to fletch kind regards ivan

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