X Sinew – Red Deer

Sinew Red Deer legSinew Red Deer leg


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Red deer leg sinew, approximately 8 – 10 inch* uncombed length. This is the raw form and will need processing to be used for backing a bow or twisting into sinew twine. The cartilage remains on one end to prevent shortening whilst being carefully air dried to produce a fine even product of consistent quality, that is responsibly sourced within the UK. Keeping the left overs and cartridge from your processing can result in a quantity of material to be homogenized into a pure protein glue.

Sold individually so you can choose as many as you need for your project. *(it may take 35-50+ pieces to back one horn bow and more still for a primitive stave bow or multiple layers, only you can estimate your project requirements).

  • This is a highly seasonal product.
  • We are trying to source a wholesale quantity as soon as possible.
  • All enquirers are welcome to speak directly to the owner of Shire Archery about this and other raw materials you may be after – no harm in asking.



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2 thoughts on “X Sinew – Red Deer

    1. We have had small qtys of sinew over past couple years, it is a material that we certainly would like to continue stocking on a regular basis. Fingers crossed at this point as the search continues.

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