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Danish OilDanish Oil


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Danish Oil containing only pure natural tung oil, used and proved for protection over hundreds of years. This is a top quality product of that there is no doubt, and you get more for your money compared to some other well known brands, because to-date Bestwoods is the only product with 50%+ solids and does not comprise any synthetic or modified resins or varnish*. It is naturally water, food and alcohol resistant, whilst being food safe when dry and certified EN71 toy safe.

For finishing arrows i personally love this stuff because:

  • It dries in 4-6 hours per coat.
  • It has a low odour when drying, and none when dry.
  • It penetrates into all the wood, nourishing and protecting.
  • It gives an attractive natural low sheen finish enhancing the natural beauty of wood.
  • It is dirt resistant and is naturally water/fluid resistant.
  • It can be reapplied with ease for continued protection.
  • It does not leave a surface film and unlike varnish will not chip, flake, crack or peel.

*Generally in the UK Danish Oils are mainly Tung and/or Linseed based, although some use only vegetable oils and synthetic varnishes. Solids content of the best known brands is usually around 30-40%. In America as in other countries there are a number of manufacturers who combine all sorts of natural and synthetic varnish, resins, and oils including mineral, tung, linseed, poppy, cotton, sunflower, white spirit, naptha, driers, anti-skin agents and other junk whilst calling it ‘Danish Oil’! The actual non-evaporating ‘solids’ content of these products can be as low as 10%.

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2 thoughts on “Danish Oil

  1. This stuff is amazing. 2 coats of oil and beeswax finish on top and my arrows are completely waterproof (realisticly nothing is but this is as close as you can get). It doesn’t chip or come off like varnish and leaves a much nicer finish. A piece of friendly advice: make sure to do all the glueing before applying any oil to your shafts. Trust.

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