Recurve Bow Bag Deluxe

Recurve Bow Bag DeluxeRecurve Bow Bag Deluxe


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The Recurve Bow Bag Deluxe in Forest green makes for a stylish bow bag, the deluxe can be used to store your strung bow for easy of transportation whilst traveling to and from the range or competition. Make storing your archery equipment easier where every you find your self staying over, with this top quality manufactured product.

The thick water-resistant natural cotton fabric is of an extremely high quality to protect the bow from bumps and damage. The Recurve Bow Bag Deluxe also has a nice thick lining and a large external zip pocket for securely storing a spare arrow tube and accessories.

  • Length: 158cm (approx)

  • Width: 32cm (approx)

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Weight 1.8 kg

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