Bellis Back Quiver

Bellis Back QuiverBellis Back Quiver


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The Bellis Back Quiver is a simple and spacious back pack style quiver made of sturdy dark brown suede leather with a white flower feature. Intended to be worn as backpack the Bellis Back Quiver has two metal-buckle belt loops attached to the back so you can adjust it as you see fit, alternatively sling it over one shoulder as you walk about the woods.

  • This quiver will easily hold a loose dozen¬†arrows.¬†
  • Height 21″ x Width 5″ x Depth 2 1/2″ approximately.

*Your health is important to us! All leather products have been guaranteed to be free of heavy metals and environmental toxins.

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2 thoughts on “Bellis Back Quiver

  1. Hey there I love the idea of this quiver being intended to be worn as a backpack. Is the any possibility for it to come in black ?

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