Dura Archery Net Kit

Dura Archery Net KitDura Archery Net Kit


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Dura Archery Net Kit: Especially when shooting at home in the garage, an enclosed space such as your garden, or on holiday it is often not easy to find or impractical build a back stop.

The solution may be the new Dura Archery Net Kit which is quick to set up and provide backstop or ‘arrow catch’ to any target. This practical piece of kit it is also suitable for courses and pop up events. The arrow-trap net comes in its own bag complete with accessories including poles, plastic hooks, PVC-sheathed steel cable etc and installation & operating instructions.

  • Color: white
  • Height: 2 meters (tolerance 5%)
  • Length: 2 meters (tolerance 5%)
  • Accessories: aluminum poles, tension cables, earthen hammers, carrying bag
  • Please allow 30 days for delivery.

*Please always observe the enclosed assembly and operating instructions.

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