Full Length – Goose Pinions

Full Length Goose Pinions.Full Length Goose Pinions.


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Goose Pinions are the flight feathers of Geese and make for great fletchings due to their elasticity and durability, they are extremely water resistant due to all the inherent natural oils. These are 100% uncolored grey, natural feathers still on the quill, and are a full length feather of 6 – 8″ RW & LW. All feathers will be of the same wing but please contact us if it is important to you which wing you receive. Price is for one feather choose as many as you need.

A connoisseurs choice for the experienced, as goose pinions are a raw natural product they will require splitting, sanding and clipping. Conjuring images of the ‘grey goose wing’ of old and mentioned in more historical treaties than i care to remember.

“…well fare the gentle goose, which bringeth to a man…so many commodities. For the goose is mans comfort in war and in peace…what praise soever is given to shooting, the goose may challenge the best part of it” – Ascham.

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK on the website due to source availability. 

Please contact us if this item is of interest, as we have a growing list of interested folk that enables us to seek larger quantity and a steady supply. We are taking request/pre-orders and all enquirers are welcome to speak directly to the owner of Shire Archery about this and other raw materials you may be after – no harm in asking and he often has a stash…. (Normally 65p each).


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  1. I am interested in the Goose feathers if they come back into stock

    Please advise if this is possible.



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