Traditional Archery.

While the world of archery may well have evolved since the days of old, there is still a dependence upon tried and tested equipment & accessories when it comes to ensuring that we’re at the top of our respective games. Traditional archery has never been so popular, and as it continues to be a sport and pastime that young and old, novice and experienced enjoy on equal terms, there has never been a bigger market for traditional equipment, traditional bows and safety accessories.  As a provider of archery essentials based on the Derbyshire/Yorkshire border, we are only too happy to continue offering a knowledgeable service and high quality brands and a range of goods to professionals and hobbyists alike.

Traditional archery, naturally, requires a handful of essential components to ensure that everything goes ahead with skill, precision and safety – and from traditional bows to arrow tips and equipment, Shire Archery has the range and choice available to suit both serious and hobbyist budgets. Archery relies upon human instinct, calculations and skill – while many modern archery aids and accessories are more than welcome when the game or the archer call for them. Traditional archers need a minimum of a traditional bow and arrows – along with archery equipment that will help enhance precision and safety alike. Whether you need a quiver, brace, a new string or a simple change in arrow choice, we will be more than happy to help.

Having the correct equipment.

​We host a large collection of sought-after traditional bows and equipment that can often be purchased at higher rates elsewhere – we believe that archery shouldn’t break the bank. It will take more than a bow and arrow to become skilled at archery and be safe while shooting. Archery should never be undertaken without safety aids and coaching particularly as this strand of the game is more reliant upon your own wits and natural ability – some may say it is even trickier to learn, to practice and to master.

Traditional archery should never rely upon a good quality bow alone – you need to ensure that you have the right arrows, as well as a high quality string and arm guard for additional precision. We encourage the purchase of a high quality traditional bow and arrows to all no matter where they may be in their learning of the sport, and we are only too happy to provide and sell the best in traditional equipment to anyone with more than a passing interest in improving their game – while keeping safe!

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For more information on the supplies we provide to assist and benefit traditional archery – from bows, arrows and equipment – take a closer look at our catalogue or call us today on 07581 726 161 – and we will be more than happy to look into which accessories will benefit you the most. In the market for a traditional bow and arrow that will stand the test of time?  Contact us today!