Which Archery Supplies Are An Essential Part of Your Kit?

Getting started in archery isn’t just about making sure you have the right mindset, or the confidence to do well. It’s also all about making sure you have the best equipment to hand. Without sturdy, reliable equipment, you’re not only going to risk the quality of your game, you’re also going to risk your own safety as well as that of those around you. Therefore, before you even consider heading to the targets, you’re going to need to make sure you’re kitted up with some equipment essentials. But which archery supplies are recommended for all archers – beginners and above?

The Right Bowhyde special longbow 1

This one’s fairly obvious! Finding the right bow for your game is essential. Find a bow which is comfortable for you to hold and to use regularly. Consider a recurve bow if you’re just starting out, and think about making changes once you’re more confident in your abilities. While some archers never change their bow or bow type, many more make regular upgrades and changes.

Arrows and Field Tips

Once again, a fairly obvious essential to bear in mind. Make sure you buy arrows and field tips at the same time as buying your bow. Our online store will, of course, allow you to purchase everything you need to be delivered in one go. Take a look at our catalogue to see which arrows we recommend to be used with which bows.

Bow StringersBow Stringer recurve

A bow stringer will allow you to safely string your bow with added security. Putting the string on your bow ready to take a shot can be dangerous and tricky in equal measure. Stringers allow you to shift your weight to bend your bow and to slip the string to where you need it. They are archery supplies which can often be overlooked.

Arm Guards

For a comfortable, hassle-free archery experience, you’ll need various guards and protective items. Arm guards help you to learn where to position your elbows during archery, and will also help to protect your skin against the risk of the bow string snapping against it.

GlovesSuper shooting glove

Plenty of seasoned archers make use of specialist gloves. Blister prevention is key – handling a taut string for long periods can cause damage to your fingers and thumbs. Blisters can also impact heavily on your game in addition to being painful.

A Quiver

You’re not going to have time or space to hold your arrows too awkwardly during your game. Therefore, a quiver which can be attached to your person will allow you to quickly reach in and pluck out the arrows you need.

Nocking PointsWooden Nock

Nocking points are essential in the sense that they can allow you to consistently nock your arrow from shot to shot. This means you don’t lose track of what works best for you while shooting. What’s more, they can also protect your hands.

Whether you’re just getting started with archery or are looking to revitalise your game, Shire Archery is always on hand to help you. Take a look at our store to find accessories and supports to help you achieve that comfortable, precise shooting experience. Call us today on 07581726161 or email us to learn more.

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Archery Equipment: What You Need to Get Started


Bodnik Speed Glove Palm Side

When it comes to archery, everyone has to start somewhere! You may not have the sharpest eye or be the keenest shot to begin with, but with plenty of practice and the right temperament, you could be hitting bulls-eyes left, right and centre in no time at all. You’ll also need to make sure you have the right archery equipment to get started – and the sooner you choose the following kit to suite you, the better!

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