HMG 14ml (Cellulose Nitrate).

HMG adhesive 14 ml tubeHMG adhesive 14 ml tube


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HMG adhesive is a firm favorite and trusted by many archers up and down the UK, as it is excellent for bonding fletchings and nocks to wooden shafts, with plenty of craft uses besides. It has good all round adhesion to most common materials such as ceramic, metal, wood, paper, leather and cloth. HMG is a high strength adhesive and is heat proof up to 100ºC and will withstand damp conditions. It has been a first choice for archaeological work, being widely used and proven in restoration works.

  • Cellulose Nitrate.
  • 14 ml tube.
  • Fast drying near clear adhesive.
  • Long thin nozzle for accurate application.

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