Combi Shafter

Combi ShafterCombi Shafter


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The Combi Shafter is supplied 3 guide sleeves 5/16 inches, 11/32 inches, 23/64 inches to compresses the wooden shaft*, allowing a flush fit of point and arrow on any parallel point. Combine the advantages of a parallel tip with a stable adhesive bond, epoxy’s are the strongest and most durable option to join points onto wooden arrows. (We have used 2 part Araldite for over a decade so can highly recommend it).

* How do i use this Combi Shafter tool?

To use this tool you will need a hand drill with speed adjustment- medium setting works best.

  1. Pop the tool into the jaws of a hand drill.
  2. Place the desired diameter collet into the tool.
  3. Turn the dial to correct shaft diameter.
  4. Place your shaft into the tool and compress whilst spinning the tool on the shaft.

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